China names moon rover "Yutu"
China has chosen the name "Yutu" (Jade Rabbit) for its first moon rover, after a...
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El rover chino Yutu «se rompe» tras mes y medio en la Luna
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El rover lunar "Yutu" se despierta pese a su avería
El robot explorador lunar chino «Yutu» se ha reactivado y puede captar señales pese a...
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UFO Crash? Caught By Chinese Chang'e 3 Yutu Rover
For More Exclusive Information on UFO http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2014/01/ovni-accident-pris-par-un-chinois.html http://french.xinhuanet.com/change03/i...
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Revisited PT1: The Real Reason China's Yutu Rover Is On The Moon!
Don't forget to watch in HD ** Hey Guys ......The Yutu Rover was / is...
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comet ISON found China Moon Rover YUTU
comet ISON found China Moon Rover YUTU PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO Link to CCTV13 here...
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Un 'descanso' para Yutu el robot lunar chino
Los científicos chinos han detectado un problema en el robot lunar 'Yutu' debido a la...
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Smooth Video of Chinese Rover Yutu Descending Onto Moon's Surface
Watch a smooth higher quality video that has been released of the Chinese Rover, Yutu,...
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Una Piramide en la luna, primera Imagen Panoramica - Chang'e 3 Yutu Rover
+info: (Video) Extraña estructura piramidal en la Luna captada por la sonda lunar China Yutu....
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(Part 2 ) China's Yutu Rover And The Hidden Anomalies!
Whats up Guys & Gals ..... Here is Part 2 of China's Yutu Rover and...
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