Серьёзное ДТП, г. Люберцы, п-к ул.Московская и ул.Красноармейская, 19.09.2014
Интервью с велосипедистом http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJkjl0rDzps Система видеонаблюдения «АВК-ВЕЛЛКОМ» зафиксировала столкновение на перекрестке на п-к у...
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Неуловимая девчонка на мотоцикле против мусора // Elusive girl on a motorcycle against debris
Неуловимая девчонка на мотоцикле против мусора. В Москве мотоциклистка наказывает водителей за мусор на дорогах...
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iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT
This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using...
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How the sun sees you
We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted...
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KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club
KTVA Charlo Greene just quit on live TV after revealing she was the founder of...
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Jimmy Fallon & Robert Plant Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App
Jimmy and Robert Plant loop their voices on an iPad app to form a 2-man...
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Спасение жителя Ольхона/Saving of a fat gopher/толстый суслик
Saving of a fat gopher. Salvation resident Olkhon Someone ate too much and paid for...
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Three Days Grace - I Am Machine (Lyric)
Download "I Am Machine" on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/3DGMachine?Iqid=yt Stream "I Am Machine" on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/3DGMachineSp?Iqid=yt Music...
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Som Sabadell flashmob - BANCO SABADELL
https://www.bancsabadell.com On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay...
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iPhone6全球抢鲜首评,赶在9月9日前,亲 你相信吗?
觉得视频业余、咳嗽多和摇晃画面造成不适的,请看3分钟脱水版... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT2OGPyzJd4 赶在2014年9月9日前,今晚在这里遇到了中国第一批把iPhone6当螃蟹吃的人,他们说他们在“路上捡到了”美版4.7寸工程机,总结都是“手感真是不错”。
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