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Donation messages from Destiny's birthday stream
NSFW audio source youtube htt...
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Destiny: Will the House of Wolves DLC Be Too Little Too Late? - Fireteam Chat
Alfredo, Destin, and Professor Broman discuss the House of Wolves release date and discuss whether...
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Destiny: 2nd Char Raid Loot week 1 - Light Of The Abyss / Gauntlets / Shader & More! (Crota's End)
Light Of The Abyss Review Here - If You Enjoyed The Video, Consider Leaving...
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Destiny Beta (PS3) | In-Game Voice Chat is Actually Pretty Cool! (Part 8)
Two thirds of the fireteam is built after Henry joins in as a level 3...
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Planet Destiny: Voice Chat, Iron Banner Improvements, & More!
Weekly update: Voice chat: --------- FB: https://www.faceboo...
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Destiny VOICE CHAT LIVE NOV 18 Team Chat Coming to Destiny Stirkes Cruicble Fireteam Chat
Players of Destiny have been asking to speak to the players they meet through Matchmaking....
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Destiny Conversation w/Char: Why Did Our Hype Die?
What happened with Destiny? We analyze our experience with the game.
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Destiny News - Secret Surprise, Destiny 2, Iron Banner, Voice Chat, & More!
Destiny News Round Up! I talk about Bungie's upcoming surprise, Destiny 2, Iron Banner 2.0,...
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Destiny: Do We Actually Like Crota's Hard Raid? - Fireteam Chat
Do you think that the new hard raid is actually enjoyable? The Fireteam Chat discusses...
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Destiny News - Competitive Info! Team Size, Voice Chat & Much More!
New info regarding Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer! Details on Fireteam Size, Voice Chat, Playlists, Health &...
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