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Destiny: Should Reforging Be For All Weapons? - Fireteam Chat
Should all the weapons in Destiny have a reforging feature? And if it did how...
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Destiny: Should Raids Have Matchmaking? - Fireteam Chat
The crew of Fireteam Chat discusses the pros and cons of implementing matchmaking for Destiny's...
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Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Video) ft. Da Brat
Check out more classic R&B videos here: Click here to buy Survivor Listen...
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Destiny: Holiday Gifts From Bungie - IGN's Fireteam Chat
The guys from the Destiny podcast talk about what they received from Bungie for the...
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Destiny - New Exotic Weapon Upgrades, New Shaders, & Voice Chat!
NEW INFO ABOUT UPDATES COMING TO DESTINY! Destiny - NEW Exotic Weapons, Exotic Core Shards,...
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Destiny: Char. #2 Warlock Nightfall/Raid Loot - Exotics! Week #27
why can't I hold all these lewts
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Destiny trolling puCK's chat - Starcraft 2
puCK's live stream: Destiny's live stream:
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Destiny: New Beta Voice Chat Feature Breakdown! (Opinions?)
This BETA will be coming to us November 18th! In my opinion, I believe this...
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Destiny - NEW Voice Chat Feature + Major HUD Improvements! (Update 1.0.3 Overview)
Hey guys, Bungie released their biggest update to date today! Link to the full update...
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Destiny Rewards w/ Exotic (3rd Character)
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