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Destiny's Child- Say My Name; Remix Char HMR
Destiny's Child- Say My Name; Remix by Charm.
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One Destiny Part 5- Ella & Char
Sorry it took so long, here part 5! Rate and comment PLEASE! Subscribe if you...
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Big Chat #20 - Destiny Beta & EA Access
The Big Chat is back and it's going to be a regular fixture in your...
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Commentary: Let's Chat Destiny, Face Palm, and Updates?
Haven't done a commentary to recently and wanted to just chat about whats going on,...
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Proximity Chat discussion and ideas for Destiny
Seeing as this is a hot topic in the Destiny community, I made a video...
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Destiny || Crucible Chat Part 1: Youtubers
Destiny A new series. I wanted to show off some Crucible gameplay in Destiny but...
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EverQuest II - Destiny of Velious Dev Chat 1
This first of 4 Destiny of Velious dev chats with the EverQuest II development team.
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DSP twitch chat goes full neckbeard during Destiny stream.
Too many neckbeard puns.
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Lets Chat w/Kamiii #8 - New CoD Trailer, Destiny Beta, Travels (Destiny Gameplay)
Welcome to episode #8 of Lets Chat, haven't posted one of these videos in a...
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destiny chat
I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.
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