PS4 | DAYLIGHT WALKTHROUGH #5 - Possessed Baby Doll & Blair Witch Project Woods :: HD *1080p*
DAYLIGHT WALKTHROUGH #1 #2 #3 #4 Follow me on...
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Wednesday Rants: Kill to Death Ratio? Cool Story Brawh!
Wednesday Rants KDR doesn't always say everything about the other guy neither does Prestige or...
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ērika joks
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Not Getting "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" and YouTube Channel Growth via "PlayStation 4" & "Xbox One"!!!
I no have moonies for buying games two time, so I'll be getting Call Of...
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Black Ops 2 - Best Flawless Ever!!! No Cussing On YouTube + Court Story!!!
I don't cuss on Youtube, but that might change when I start uploading live gameplay....
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GHOSTS - "KEM Strike" w/ Every Assault Rifle | MSBS (EP. 4) - HD *1080p*
KEM with Every Assault Rifle!!! AK-12 KEM: SC-2010 KEM: SA-805 KEM: ARX-1...
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Black Ops 2 - Nuketown 81-1 Kills + Thoughts on PS4 Controller the Dualshock 4!!!
Bigger is better ;D Twitter: KING OF KINGS |.|.|
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Punisher | d(-_-)b
17, Cuban, and a dreamer nothing will stop me. love everyone though hope i go...
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Black Ops 2 - How to Level Up Fast in Hardpoint! 64 Kills w/ Swarm in Nuketown!
I Hope this makes everybody a better hardpoint player and this is really helpful to...
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Exxxotica 2010 Miami
She said Google her up and you will see her??
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