SLIVAN #242 - Puba girl Natasha Nice Christmas stuff & showing off my new shoes
Here is a fun vlog with Puba girl Natasha Nice as she spends some time...
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GHOSTS - *LIVE* #6 KEM Strike FreeFall :: BroKEM Almost Didn't Get It | PS4
I don't understand why all my live KEMs are in FreeFall :( I SAWY Shout...
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BF3 - Life Stories: The Time I Got Drunk + I Remember My First Beer!!! Battlefield 3 Gameplay (EP.2)
Alcohol is bad mmmmkay Life Stories EP. 1: Twitter: KING OF KINGS |.|.|
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WAW - *LIVE* BEASTIN' :: Connection Interrupted??? HOST RAGE QUITS!!!
I remember when the host of games would rage quit and instead of changing hosts...
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Ghost Stories: The Noise!!! - MW2 Nuke Gameplay/Commentary (EP.2)
I kept all the lights on after Watch Ghost Stories EP.1 - The Apple Tree...
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Future Plans For Channel, PlayStation 4, Video Games, and Commentaries!!!
I'm gonna cover EVERYTHING!!! Thought on BF3: Thoughts on Need For Speed Rivals and...
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Diamond Mason XxX like her new watch
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Black Ops 2 - My Class Set Up (Primary, Secondary, Camos, Perks, Attachments, Wildcards, Etc.)
Feel free to pause at any moment :) This is my favorite Class: These...
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GHOSTS - "KEM Strike" w/ Every Assault Rifle | SC-2010 (EP. 2) - HD *1080p*
If you didn't already, leave comment on the video below: Primary: SC-2010 Attachments: Red...
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Understanding CUBANOS: Cuban Heritage/How We Came To Be - EP. 1 (AC4 - "PlayStation 4" Gameplay)
Episode 1 Cuban history is unique in my opinion and so are the people Episode...
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