Chikan En El Bus

Man with erected penis in pants bumps girl's butt on subway
Girl doesn't notice it.
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Riding The Bus Inside Historic Chikan Town, Kaiping, China (Part 2)
Riding the bus inside historic Chikan Town. The architectue is largely European in design. Most...
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Super Chikan - Sittin' By the River
Super Chikan performs at the 13th Annual NON-COMMvention in Philadelphia, May 2013. Hosted by WXPN...
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Sexual Harassment PSA
Sexual Harassment PSA.
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Riding Bus Inside Historic Chikan, China (Part 1)
This is what historic Chikan Town looks like on the bus route. This town was...
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City Bus Ride To Historic Chikan Town In Kaiping, China
This is our ride to the entrance of historic Chikan Town. This town was built...
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Riding Bus To Historic Chikan, China (Kaiping)
This is the highway route to historic Chikan Town. I noticed a lot of farms...
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Chikan canned: Japanese train pervert nabbed thanks to brave schoolgirl
Perverts, also known as Chikans, that sexually harasses women on trains are a common occurrence...
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Japanese Chikan and My Experiences
A summary and description of my experiences with chikan. Things I might've missed: Directly translated...
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Girl feels nervous on bus when butt is rubbed by man's crotch
Switch Player Switch Player Switch Player Girl feels nervous on bus when butt is rubbed...
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